martes, 21 de agosto de 2012

I feel like i'm losing my mind. I painted it black, i know how you don't like normal things. Prometiste que no te cortarías otra vez. Because i care about your feelings more than mine. It's the darkness, it has me. Goodbye Tate. I like it rough. There is so much pain, you know? You are distant, cold. You're doing it wrong, if you are trying to kill yourself you cut vertically, the can't stitch that up. Hey iI'm Tate, i'm dead, wanna hook up? you think i'm crazy? She's all alone, and that's not right! Promise me you will never cut yourself again. Maybe it's the drugs. If you love someone you should never hurt them, never. I'm in love. Like Romeo and Juliet. I'm not running away. I will fucking kill you. I'm going to set you on fire. You have awful taste in music. I like birds too. I'm a psychopath? I love you, but i can't be with you. You don't know me, what are you doing this? I don't feel sad, i don't feel anything. I hate here, i hate everyone. You are so full of shit. Asshole! I always be here.

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